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Becoming a Registered Adult Volunteer

Thank You

for volunteering to help

our Pack GO!

If you are becoming a

Den Leader or any Major Committee Member

You must be a registered adult and complete the required training for your area.  Please follow the steps below to become a registered leader.

1. Register: Fill out Cub Scout Adult Application form.

Go to the Scout Office at 644 South Ohio. Ask for a form to fill out - OR - print out online form, fill out, scan and email to Dave Corl.


2. Gear up: Buy Uniform.

Go to the Scout Office at 644 South Ohio.Purchase items below:

        -You will need a 'Class A' uniform for most volunteer positions (cost $ 24.99), 

        -Uniform patches (click here for uniform patch placement guide) (cost World crest $1.49, Council Strip $3.79,'2'&'9' numbers $1.49ea.),

        -Total required uniform costs for the year are approx. $35

        -Other optional uniform purchases recommended are Scout hat, leader position-specific patch,neckerchief & slide, pants/shorts.

See attachments below for updated and more detailed costs.

If you need assistance with any of these purchases, our Pack does have donated items or help supplement costs.  Just contact Dave Corl.


3. Take online training: Easy & short online ‘Youth Protection Training’ and ‘Leader Specific Training’for your volunteer position.

Go to and set up an account.  If you have received a MemberID#, please use that.  Contact Dave Corl for set up issues.

 Click on ‘E-Learning’ in left column, then under the ‘Cub Scout’ tab:

-Take the required ‘Cub ScoutYouth Protection’ online training. (approx. 30min)

-Take the ‘Den Leader FastStart’ training

-Take the ‘LeaderPosition-Specific’ training

Feel free to take any of the other Supplemental or Orientation training.  ‘This is Scouting’ course is a great introduction to how the Scouting program operates.


Go to the Scout office for purchase of the ‘Trained’ patch to place on your left sleeve.


4. Join in: Come to our Committee, Den, Pack, and Camping events.

Check out our year Calendar of events attached below.

Email Dave Corl to get reminders for events, times, and locations.

Come to this website for updates.

Please click on these other resources below for more information.  Thank you.

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2015-2016 Scout Yearly calendar.pdf