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Boy Scout Troop 950
(Wasco, California)
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Scouts are expected to have, care for, and wear a uniform. If such circumstances arise where a scout cannot get a uniform on his own please contact the Scoutmaster. It isn’t necessary to have the latest “style;” all Scout uniforms, regardless of vintage, are officially accepted. No boy will ever be turned away from Scouting if his family can’t afford a uniform.






CLASS-A UNIFORM. The Class-A uniform shall be worn to all regular Troop meetings, or at certain other events as directed by the Senior Patrol Leader. Wearing the uniform when appropriate is an important part of Scout Spirit, which in turn is an important part of a Scout’s advancement. At a minimum, the Troop 950 Class-A uniform consists of:


·         Scout shirt, with epaulet tabs;

·         Troop-issued neckerchief, with slide;

·        Official BSA uniform pants (preferred), or muted-green or olive pants   (or shorts when season permits);

·         BSA Cap. If the  Scout does not have a suitable hat, no other hat will be worn;

·         Belt

·         Correct insignia, consisting of:

Council shoulder patch;

Unit number (950);

World Scouting emblem;


Current Quality Unit insignia;

            Patrol insignia (when issued);

Leader insignia, if applicable;

                        Arrow of Light insignia,

            if applicable.

Uniform shirts shall be buttoned, and tucked into pants or shorts. Athletic attire (gym shorts, etc.) are not part of the Class-A uniform, and are not acceptable.
At certain events, such as Courts of Honor, Color Guard Duty, Scout Sunday, or other events as directed by the Senior Patrol Leader, Scouts will wear, if applicable, their Merit Badge Sash and Order of the Arrow Sash.

The Class-B uniform is more relaxed. Any Scout related T-Shirt will be accepable with scout pants/shorts. The Troop hat is also worn. This is our daytime summer camp uniform, and most Scouts choose to wear it at outdoor Troop activities when weather permits. This is encouraged. Dinner at Scout summer camp requires a change into the Class-A uniform.

BSA Socks are strongly encouraged when Scouts are wearing shorts.

More Uniform

the uniform cont...

The Uniform

Merit Badge Sash:

  • If worn, merit badges are attached to front (and back, if needed) of sash.
  • Venture/Varsity letter is attached at bottom front corner.
  • Temporary insignia may be worn on back.

Left Pocket:

  • Service stars above the pocket.
  • If a medal or embroidered knot for youth members is worn,service stars are raised.
  • Embroidered square knots are worn centered above the pocket in rows of three.
  • Not more than five medals may be worn, pinned centered immediately above the pocket (extending over knots if both are worn).
  • The wearing sequence for knots or medals is at the wearer ?s discretion and lead color is to the wearer ?s right.
  • Badges of rank are worn centered on the pocket above the Arrow of
    Light Award.Flap buttoned.
  • The World Crest is worn centered horizontally over the left pocket and vertically between the left shoulder seam and the top of the pocket.

Right Pocket:

  • Jamboree insignia (only one) worn above BSA or interpreter strip.
  • Order of the Arrow lodge insignia worn on pocket flap.
  • Temporary insignia worn centered on the pocket. Flap buttoned.
  • The Varsity or Venture strip is worn above the BSA strip or above the interpreter strip.
  • Nameplate, if worn, is centered above the BSA strip, interpreter strip, and Venture or Varsity strip.

Shoulder Epaulets:

Colored shoulder loops identify the area of Scouting:

  • Blue: Cub Scouting
  • Red/Forest Green: Boy Scouting (including Varsity Scout leaders in a troop)
  • Blaze: Varsity Scouting
  • Green: Venturing
  • Silver: Council & District
  • Gold: National & Regional

A Scouter should wear the color shoulder loop of the position in which he is functioning.

Left Sleeve:

  • Council patches, unit numeral, and badge of office are worn as shown snug up, and touching each other. Badge of office is centered below and touches unit numeral.
  • The veteran unit bar (25, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, or 80 years) is positioned above and touching troop numeral and in turn touching council patch.
  • Den chief cord is worn over the left shoulder and under epaulet.

Right Sleeve:

  • U.S.flag.
  • Only the most recently earned Quality Unit Award may be worn below patrol emblem or below National Honor Patrol star.
  • Musician badge,if in band or drum corps, is worn 1/2 inch below patrol emblem.
  • Up to six merit badges may be worn on the long-sleeve shirt in two columns of three starting 3 inches above the bottom edge of the cuff.


There are two styles: (1) visored cap; or (2) campaign hat. All troop members can wear one of the headgear chosen by vote of the troop/team. Varsity Scouts wear only the blaze and brown visored cap.

Neckerchief and Slide:

Insignia at back should be right side up and centered. Fold long edge over several flat folds to about 6 inches from tip of neckerchief. A tight fold preents geathering around the neck and is more efficient than rolling or twirling. Draw neckerchief slide over ends and adjust to fit snugly. By vote of troop, ends may be left hanging loose or tied in a slip-knot. The neckerchief is optional to the troop.


Official long-or short-sleeve shirt with red, blaze orange, or green shoulder loops on epaulets.The troop/team may vote to wear a neckerchief, bolo tie, or no neckwear. In any case, the collar should be unbuttoned. The troop/team has the choice of wearing the neckerchief over the turned-under collar or under the open collar.


Olive web with BSA insignia on brass buckle;or official leather with international-style buckle or buckle of your choice,worn only if voted by the troop/team.Members wear one of the belts chosen by vote of the troop/team.


Official olive-colored mid-calf-length socks with red tops worn with official shorts or trousers. (Long socks are optional with shorts.)


Leather or canvas, neat and clean.