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Packing List

**Save this and use it as your packing list for troop camp outs.  Be sure to ask about any special equipment you will need for the event you will be attending.

__Full canteen of water or water system When you get home from camp rinse it out and leave the top off so it will dry out.

__Pocket knife with your Tot’n Chip.   If you don’t have a Tot’n Chip see your Patrol Leader or Troop Guide.

__Mess Kit- to include: plate, bowl, cup, fork and spoon.  Make sure your name is on EVERY piece of your mess kit.  Add your choice of spices to your mess kit: salt, pepper, hot sauce, garlic etc.

__Personal First Aid Kit: Small container of Band-Aids, alcohol pads, antibiotic ointment, etc.  Small cuts and scrapes you should be able to treat with your first aid kit.  Larger wounds or injuries must be reported to the patrol leader and the Scoutmaster.

__Flashlight with extra batteries.

__Raingear.  For EVERY event even in the middle of summer. It does happen with us!

__Change of clothes for EVERY day in camp.  Uniforms will be worn on campouts, so pack it along with the rest of your clothes! Remember to bring weather appropriate clothing. Winter weather should dictate layers of clothing.

__Laundry Bag

__For Water Activities bring water shoes and an extra towel.

__Fold up camp chair or something to sit on


__Sleeping bag with waterproof cover-trash bag will work if nothing else.

__Troop Hat, troop neckerchief, troop shirt, uniform shirt and official BSA scout pants or ONLY plain blue jeans. 

__Personal Kit-towel, washcloth, toiletries i.e. deodorant, tooth brush/paste, soap, shower shoes where showers are available and shave kit if needed.

__Tent.  ALWAYS set up new tents before you go to camp so you will know how to set it up and to make certain you have all of the parts.

***Make certain you either have someone you will share a tent with or bring your own.

 __Medications you take-must be in original prescription container

__Sunscreen, insect repellent and chap stick

__Common Sense-pay attention and listen for directions

**Always dress for the weather

DO NOT BRING-electronic games, cell phones, expensive watches and rings, etc.

DO NOT bring pets or any kind-this goes for parents as well as other family members